Quality Policy 

Continuous satisfaction of customers is our focus it means meeting the requirement of Internal & External Associates with speed –right the first time, every time. We commit ourselves to maintain this through a culture of quality awareness within the establishment based on training and development of all the members of the establishment.

The Company will further strive to upgrade quality through improving its work practices and prevention of deviations.

Our Quality Policy policy is based on cGMP guidelines, laws and regulations governing the manufacture of pharmaceutical products.

This is achieved through the Quality Policy principles laid down in the manual and relevant operating procedures to ensure that each product meets the customer’s requirement for safety, efficacy & quality.

These Quality Policy principles are used in the planning, designing, construction, testing of quality systems & qualification of facilities. The Engineering/Maintenance, Material Management, Vendor development, Production, Quality Policy Assurance & Quality Policy Control departments are all required to comply with these Quality Policy principles.

Quality Policy is mandated and supported by top management and coordinated by Quality Policy Assurance, which is responsibility of everyone in the plant. The effectiveness & applicability of Quality Policy Assurance system is regularly monitored.