Innovative Business Models

Skymap approach to technology, business, and the market constitutes a model, of how it makes a profit by offering a product or service to specific individuals in a given context.

Drawing on models explored in The Invincible Company, several skymap pharmaceutical businesses adopt new business models that embrace disruption and leverage new opportunities.

We explore these below:

1. Shifts in the value proposition

2. Product to recurring service

3. Touch-tech to high-tech

4. From Sales to Platform

5. Profiting together

6. Frontstage-driven shifts

7. From B2B to B2(B2)C

8. Backstage-driven shifts

9. From dedicated to multi-usage resources

10. From asset-heavy to asset-light

11. From closed to open innovation

12. Shifts in profit formula

13. From transactional to recurring revenue

14. Multi-shift models


Access to capacity or technological capabilities beyond what we have in-house and mitigate less risk by outsourcing to supplier


The skymap handles all aspects of the export process, including shipping, customs
clearance, and payment collection


Out-licensing is more focused on opening up the delivery pipeline to assist you with
getting your drug “out the door.” Out-licensing encompasses finding a partnership, or partnerships, that will help identify your target market and assist you in getting your product into the right hands.


“Branded generics” domestic market in skymap pharma sell off-patented drugs
under our brand names with varying prices among competitors.


Tendering is a formal procedure to purchase medications using competitive bidding for a particular contract. Although useful for cost containment, our tendering can lead to decreased competition in a given market.


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the skymap pharmaceutical industry enable us to expand operations, increase market share, and access new technologies and products. It also helps to become more efficient by eliminating redundant processes and by streamlining operations.